We have provided quality renovations and design solutions for over 25 years and feel our success as being one of the top rated renovation companies is due to our commitment to enriching our staff and using innovative materials to expedite our projects.
Newsam through the years has comprised a team based on integrity , we enter into every project with attention to the people and quality of their lives and stand by every completed project for years to come providing the best guarantee in our industry.
Time and again, our clients experience workmanship expertise combined with a strong desire to create beautiful designs/results. We aspire for every job to deliver you a sense of belonging when you return to the revived spaces of your home.
5 reasons to choose Newsam
  • We insist on quality
  • We're strong on delivery
  • There is confidence in our reputation
  • Our design is cutting edge
  • We are affordable and insist on value
We understand and appreciate good design and integrate our experience to enhance our projects whenever possible. We have a Reputation of providing quality renovations of any size at a cost that makes sense. A team large enough that has the knowledge to accommodate tight deadlines without compromising quality. Our administration team keeps track of all the paperwork and associated expenses to keep the budgets in line which allows our tradesmen to focus on what they do best.
With over 35 years of client-focused delivery, NEWSAM has vast experience in high-end residential and commercial projects. Our services range from high-end renovations to cost-effective restorations, 24 hour emergency services, and highly overlooked preventative maintenance.
NEWSAM’s ability to design and then execute the project gives our clients project continuity and flawless execution as vision follows results. With direction from our founder, Brian Newsam, no matter the designer on your project, you are guaranteed the design outcome you will be proud of.
Our specialized/honed knowledge of and respect for Westmount heritage structures and their history is second to none. From minor construction to major restoration work on your home, we know which risks to anticipate and how to deliver attuned results.
At the heart of NEWSAM, relationships is really what we thrive on. Lasting workmen and supplier relationships go hand in hand with lasting client relationships. We invite you to be involved in all aspects of your project - your involvement is what makes it one of a kind.

We take the same innovative approach with the environment as we do with our projects.

The materials we prefer to use are researched to provide the best value with the lowest impact on the planet , kiln dried torified  wood for example will outlast pressure treated products twofold, life master paint offers high  quality wall finishes with no off gassing, suprema membranes ensures water tight enclosures with no risk of mold formulation. We're switching to greener materials  to offer safer environments.

Our sites are focused on the future of the planet and we take pride on educating ourselves on renewable energy and the ways our clients can incorporate the science into their homes.

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