What should
I know?
We know that deciding to renovate is a big decision that involves both your time and money. To enable you to find the right company to satisfy your specific needs, we’d like to make sure that you are armed with all the information required to make a good decision before your project gets underway. Here’s the most important questions you should ask:

1. Is the company fully insured, warranted and covered by the RBQ?

2. Is the work guaranteed and for how long?

3. If you reside in a heritage home the likes of Westmount, ask about the experience, expertise, and measures the company will take to navigate the risks of the vulnerable construction.

4. How did they navigate an unpredictable situation in the past?

5. Does the team work with subcontractors or employs full time vetted employees?

6. Do they have overhead and administrative charges?

7. Ask about the post-delivery measures?

8. How does the company ensure protection of your property and its clean up?

9. How detailed is the billing?

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