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Renovation and building projects small or large are usually a big decision for everyone. Likewise, the need to undergo restorations is a stressful and time pressing matter when you are facing the unfortunate experience of having your home flooded or damaged by fire, along with the associated health risks. Our goal is to take the stress out of the process and bring you clarity and answers.

Whether you’re looking at a simple bathroom or kitchen renovation or an entire office overhaul, our team will be happy to walk you through the NEWSAM Process bedrocked in trust and results:

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1. Identifying your
needs & priorities
Everything starts with you. As you are beginning to explore your alternatives, our goal is to know and understand your needs, address concerns and fears, dispel myths, and help you feel as comfortable with the process as we humanly can.

Each project comes with unique needs and goals. Are you looking for a higher resale value for your property, a more comfortable living space, or perhaps energy savings and a safer home?

Please do ask us for referrals. We are very honoured to have repeating clients and encourage you to look into the work we do.

We’ll ask you the necessary questions and prompt you to ask us the needed questions as well.
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2. Designing
your needs
For an accurate estimate, it is important to have a detailed plan and an idea of the finishings that you plan to use. This process can often take some time and should not be rushed. We have a team of in-house designers that can help facilitate the process.

The design consultation will help you get the ideas for your project out of your head and onto paper in a simple, cohesive manner. We are here to assess the feasibility of your project and ensure your needs are translated into a fitting design, supported with the insights on latest trends, innovative solutions, and your budget. Our founder, Brian Newsam will be there to guide the process with your dedicated designer.
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3. Pricing the scope of
work & generating schedule
Our estimates are free of charge. Once the design is finalized, our team can generate a detailed estimate based on material, finishings, and required labour. From there we can budget time and resources to ensure that your project is executed as smoothly as possible.

You will meet your Project Manager who will plan out phases of preparation, execution, and delivery and will remain your continuous point of contact. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate into your schedule to deliver to your needs, on time and on budget.
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4. Preparations
As cleanliness is paramount to each contract, preparation is a critical to ensure an all around smooth and successful on-site process and delivery. Whether you remain on premises or move out for the duration of an all-encompassing project, we ensure your property is meticulously protected from the elements and ongoing work (such as noise and dust), and your private space respected at all times.

We separate the working area from the living area with a plastic wall and zipper door. We cover all the floors and tape plastic over sensitive areas. If required, we put down thicker protection for the floors (called Tentas) and install dust collectors.
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5. Execution
& coordination
Much attention is given to making sure that you are as comfortable as possible during the project. We’ll work with you to accommodate your preferred on-site work hours, as your peace of mind comes first. While the site foreman works on site all day, the PM passes once daily. He or she makes sure that the sub-trades and workers are at the right location at the right time.

Having specialized in heritage structures, NEWSAM is well equipped for any surprises that may arise during the process and will keep you appraised of developments on the regular basis. Rest assured, the site is cleaned at the end of each day.
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6. Delivery
We passionately endeavor to bring your premises to your dream state and contractual expectations, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The agility of our team, allows us to deliver on time and on budget and to adapt to any arising requirements.
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7. Post Delivery
Our proven and continuously innovative methods have guaranteed our customers will receive the longest lasting results for their money. All our work is fully insured, warranted and covered by the RBQ (#8279 2896 42). All of our workmanship and materials are guaranteed for one year.

If you decide to work with us on another project, please know that upon your request, we will try our best to outfit you with the same crew that has gained your trust.
In addition, we recommend that you call us for a free yearly inspection of your property. The inspection covers the roof, bricks and siding, flashings, caulking, paint, foundation cracks and any possible water infiltration issues. Ensuring the envelope of your home is protected is an essential component of preventive maintenance.

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